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Espiño Tunnel Portal - South Access

First prototype laser-scan Geoasbuilt tests.

Espiño Tunnel - Excavation Face.

Shotcret Tickness Test A.

Espiño Tunnel - Laser-Scan Geoasbuilt.

Shotcret Tickness Test B.

Espiño Tunnel - Laser-Scan Geoasbuilt.

Embarked on Putzmeister SPM500.

Meyco Shotcret.

Shotcret Robot.

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Mediterranean Corridor / Las Palmas-Oropesa.


Tunnel As-Built Software

Ensure the effectiveness of the sustainability of an underground excavation made with not integral methods that will ensure the recovery of the stress state of the land and the stability and security work, is only achieved through a systematic monitoring of the quality of materials and own execution.

Shotcrete, irreplaceable part of sustaining, is subjected to rigorous tests of quality carried out on site and in the laboratory. Unfortunately, at present, there is a reliable system for controlling the uniformity thicknesses or that its dimension conforms to specifications of the established type section, in the best of cases, limited to the extraction of witnesses to promptly verify this data.

This need is a research project funded with equity, whose main objective is to have a system information capable of providing data on the implementation of the thickness of the support applied in underground works.

I would like to invite you to participate in the solution GeoTicknes - Control of thickness of shotcrete in tunnels, a project with a view to the future and which aims to improve the quality, economy and the safety of the works in progress.

L. Pradera Ostermann (Author)

Lpradera Ostermann

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Shotcret Tickness Report


Geotickness is a hardware-software application that aims to respond to the needs of monitoring and systematic control the quality of support, measurements of work executed and pending to run, as well as detect dimensional deviations and alignment with respect to the pick-up in the construction project.

The user of our project will find all the tools and utilities needed to define projects, tunnels and different fronts excavation, as well as the States of alignments and sections of sustaining the project or modifications which these are pass during the execution of the work.

Inside the tunnel will have a system laser-escaner embarked on the machinery of concrete that will be responsible for obtaining and processing the geometric information of the work, provide the information necessary for performing thickness corrections where necessary, all completely automated and without noticeably interrupting the productivity of the work.

Our equipment is properly protected to develop its functions with absolute normality in an especially aggressive environment such as It is the case of the type of work that is clearly oriented.


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